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Welcome to  my home, sit and rest awhile
Maybe you will find or at least a friendly smile,
Come into my home, share a thought with me,
Maybe we can share a tear of a happy memory.
Sit back and relax, put your feet up if you will,
I'll bring you tea and cakes until you have your fill.
Listen to the music, and close your weary eyes.
If you need a friendly ear, or you just want to rest,
Come into my home and maybe you'll be blest
Taste a bit of poetry, like honey to the soul
The words will tug your heart and leave you feeling full.

(Poetry by Sands)

Hi there. My name is Lyanne and I live in Thorold, Ontario Canada and I welcome you to my humble abode! I hope that you enjoy your visit and come back and see the progress that I am making with my ideas.

I decided two years ago that I had nothing better to do with my time (ya  right!!) than to build and maintain my own web site. Of course I didn't know a whole lot but I knew enough to go and buy the programs that I needed. Now all I needed was someone to help me get started in the right direction.

Needless to say, I soon found out who were my friends and who were not! It seemed to be such a big dark secret about how to do this so  I just kept roaming around the net and stumbled upon  a couple of wonderful people who have not been afraid to share their knowledge with me without fear of me "stealing" their ideas or  business. The first lady I met quite by accident, is the most wonderful person who has given me so much help, support and encouragement and has turned out to be the best "internet friend" one could only hope to meet.

Her name is Amelia Ann and her site is    If you are looking for comforting words, her site is where you will find it. If I have trouble getting something to work after spending hours trying to find the problem, I just let her know and she goes into the site and finds the problem right away, which has very funny at times. Eagle eyes she has, I always say! 

I also stumbled upon another lady closer to home and her name is Judy and she has the best tube site! You name it she has it. She has been so free with her help and knowledge and has always found the time in her busy life to answer my questions and offer her help. Her sites are  and Thousands of flowers of every type imaginable.  I can never thank these two ladies enough for their help, support, knowledge, patience and most of all their friendship. much for the sappy stuff!! On with the story. In June of 1998 we brought Daddy back here to Ontario from New Brunswick when Mom passed away. He loved it her and love the fabulous view that we have of the Welland Canal. He would sit on his bench for hours and watch the ships go through and got really excited when my husbands came in. Daddy always had to know where Harry's boat was and when it was coming in the canal. I would put Daddy in the car even in his pj's and we would go pick up Harry at one of the locks. Daddy love the boats, being he was in the navy himself he thought it was great that I used to work on the also, until my injury.

Daddy would always say that when I sold his property down east that he wanted to buy this house so that Mum would know where he was. I kept putting him off cause I never wanted to own a house and didn't want the responsibility of looking after it mostly by myself cause Harry is away so much. However, things changed rather quickly. Ten months later, we lost Daddy. I knew then that I had to have this house, so I talked to my landlord and convinced him to sell me the house. I felt that if I didn't keep it, Mom and Daddy wouldn't know where to find me. So it was a done deal!

Perhaps it was my way of dealing with the grief but I tore the house and yard apart and redid everything. I didn't want to feel so I kept busy doing the yard right up till last  year. I know that Mom and Dad would love  the place the way it is now. Daddy's bench is still out there and I know he is around by the strange things that have been happening around here!

The house is nothing spectacular but it is ours and we love it and the million dollar view!!! Our roots are firmly planted now. Mom would always tell me that she didn't worry about me cause I was the only one who had roots firmly planted she always knew where to find me.

And this is how this "house of treasures" came to be. I also wanted to share my dollies that I make and my yard that I worked so hard on even as hard as it is for me to do stuff like that. So I hope that you enjoy your visit and that you come back often as I am sure I will be constantly changing things, if I ever get finished!  Enjoy!!


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As this candle is carried from one site to another, the flame of spiritual love and healing continues to light the way for those who seek to know the true self. Take this light with you to your page that it may light the way to love and healing. Watch as it travels from one place to another and in so doing it embraces our world with hope.

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